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The medical visa for India is designed for persons who need medical treatment in India. You need to choose a good hospital in India to obtain a medical visa. The visa covers a variety of medical treatments, including heart care, brain treatments, organ transplants, cosmetic surgery, and fixing birth defects etc. The medical visa makes it easy for people from other nations to get medical treatment in India while also bringing their families with them.

What is a Medical Visa?

A medical visa is a special visa that allows an individual to travel to another country for medical treatment, often because certain treatments or specialists are unavailable in their home country. Patients may choose to travel with friends, relatives, or caretakers, who can also get companion visas. The Medical Visa (MED) is for patients, the Medical Attendant Visa (MED-X) is for accompanying individuals, and the Medical Escort Visa is for medical professionals. Medical visas are available for 60 days, with the option of triple entry during that time.

How can I apply for medical visa for India from Tanzania?

When applying for a medical visa to India from Tanzania, it is essential to complete the entire application process. The following are the application requirements:

  • Choose the Application Method: Depending on the country and its visa rules, you may have two options. Tanzania has online application systems that allow travelers to get electronic medical visas or short-stay visas for medical appointments without having to visit an embassy.

  • Fill out the Application Form: The next important step is to complete the medical visa application form. Usually, the form includes information about the applicant, their medical condition, and the purpose and length of their stay.

  • Gather Necessary Documents: To apply for the medical visa, the following documents generally required:
    A referral letter from a doctor or a hospital stating the necessity of treatment in India.
    An appointment confirmation from a hospital in India.

  • Apply In-Person or Online: Submit your application along with all necessary proof using the method of your choice (in-person at an embassy or online).

  • Pay Fees: You will have to pay the necessary visa application fees, which may vary depending on the country’s policies.

  • Wait for Processing: After submission, the application will be processed, which may take some time. It is important to remain patient and track progress from time to time.

  • Visa Approval: When your medical visa is approved, you will be given the appropriate papers to fly to India for medical treatment.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Indian Medical Visa?

  • Medical Travel Purpose: Your trip should be for medical treatment only.

  • Passport: You must have a regular passport (not a diplomatic one).

  • Passport Validity: The validity of your passport must be at least six months.

  • Blank Pages: At least two blank pages in your passport should be reserved for visa stamps.

  • Hospital Selection: You should choose treatment at a well-known or specialized hospital in India.

  • Accompanying Attendees: You may be accompanied by up to two blood relatives or friends.

  • Visa Invitation Letter: You should obtain a Visa Invitation Letter (VIL) from the hospital where you desire to undergo treatment.

Medical Visa assistance by Health Link International.

Health Link International can help you secure medical visas for your trip to India from Tanzania. We provide a complete Medical Treatment Comparison Plan to assist patients in making informed choices.

  • We assist in acquiring a visa invitation letter from the selected best hospital.

  • We schedule appointments with hospitals and doctors across India to get multiple medical opinions.

  • We help patients understand hospital billing and payment processes.

  • Accommodation options are arranged for the patient’s financial situation.

  • Flight arrangements for medical patients are made at a low cost.

  • Patients in critical condition have access to air ambulance services.

  • Language support is provided by coordinators.

  • We help with Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) registration and visa extensions once in India.

  • We provide transportation services for airport-to-hospital transfers can be arranged at reasonable rates.

Health Link International is a trusted and reliable medical tourism company in India. If you come to India for medical treatment, then we will assist you in getting a medical visa, searching top hospitals, best doctors, and surgeons in the desired city at affordable cost in India. We also help you in managing affordable accommodation for your stay in India. If you have any queries or questions and need help you can call, email, or message us on WhatsApp.

For detailed explanation, please contact us.

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