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About us

Health Link International is a medical value travel platform providing access to world-class hospitals and medical facilities in India and is known for offering top-notch healthcare services. The company facilitates access to specialized medical expertise in various fields such as cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, urology, ophthalmology, ENT, organ transplantations and fertility treatments, catering to the specific needs of the patients.

Our Story

Health Link International was founded with a vision to provide the best healthcare and cost-effective treatments to people around the world With a focus on language and cultural affinity, unmatched patient care, and personalized attention, we strive to offer a unique and seamless experience for our patients.

Through our commitment to excellence and patient-centric care, we have successfully treated numerous international patients, earning their trust and satisfaction. Our achievements solidify our position as a trusted partner in the medical tourism industry.

Our Vision

Health Link International's motto “Caring Beyond Borders" aims to convey the company's commitment to providing compassionate, high-quality care and facilitating access to medical excellence across borders, reflecting the essence of Health Link International's mission in the field of medical tourism.

High-Quality Healthcare

Cost-effective treatment

Language and cultural affinity

Unmatched Patient Care

Quality Assurance

Extensive Network

Why us

  • Extensive Network: Health Link International has access to a wide network of renowned hospitals and healthcare providers across the globe, ensuring access to world-class medical facilities and specialists.

  • Cultural Understanding: We provide tailored services that cater to the specific cultural and religious needs of patients from various backgrounds, fostering a comfortable and accommodating experience.

  • Personalized Care: Health Link International makes sure of dedicated assistance and support throughout the entire medical journey, from initial consultation to post-treatment follow-up, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

  • Quality Assurance: Commitment to maintaining high standards of medical care, with a focus on accreditations, certifications, and patient safety protocols to ensure top-quality treatment and outcomes.

  • Language Support: We have multilingual staff and interpreters to facilitate effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring clarity and understanding at every step.

  • Comprehensive Services: We provide assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, visa processing, and cultural orientation, providing a comprehensive and hassle-free medical tourism experience for patients.

  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and transparent pricing structure, with comprehensive cost breakdowns and no hidden fees, offering peace of mind and financial transparency to patients seeking medical treatment abroad.


  • High-Quality Healthcare: Health Link International partners with best hospitals and medical facilities equipped with advanced technology and staffed by highly skilled medical professionals. These facilities offer a wide range of medical treatments and services, including specialized care in various fields such as cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, and more.

  • Cost-effective treatment: Medical treatment in Hyderabad is often more affordable compared to many other countries, including those in the Middle East. This cost advantage, along with the quality of care, makes Hyderabad an attractive option for patients seeking medical treatment abroad.

  • Language and cultural affinity: Hyderabad is home to a diverse population, and many healthcare providers in the city are well-versed in English and other languages. This can make the experience more comfortable for patients and their families who may be traveling from the region.

  • Unmatched Patient Care: We provide personalized care and attention to each patient's needs and comprehensive support throughout the entire medical travel journey, from initial inquiry to post-treatment follow-up.

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