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Paediatrics is a study of medicine that deals with medical and health treatments of babies and children till they reach eighteen years. Paediatricians provide treatments for acute or chronically unhealthy children with preventive health assistance for fit children. Paediatricians help children with the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of all groups of children and provide extensive care in the developmental stages.


Neonatal specialists or doctors focus only on the infant’s health, development, survival, and protection factors that can harm persistence. Neonatologists are usually present in the (neonatal) intensive care section and are responsible for newborn health care. They are in charge and look after preterm conditions in infants with congenital disorders, birth asphyxia, sepsis, low weight at birth, etc. 

Overall, paediatricians can look after children of all ages till adolescence, whereas neonatologists only take care of newborns. 

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery specializes in surgical treatments for infants under one, adolescents, and children. Pediatric surgeons perform surgeries and treatments to cure diseases or defects in babies or teenage children. Pediatric surgeons in India are capable of understanding and communicating with children effectively. Neonatologists and paediatricians in India work out a plan best for the child after the physical examinations. The surgeries in the pediatric section include abdominal wall surgery, bowel surgery, respiration-related surgery, chest wall surgery, cancer surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, lymph node surgery, liver surgery, thoracic surgery, etc.  

The conditions in which a child may need surgery include congenital malformations, tumor removal, transplant, or injuries. In case of digestive system problems, the pediatric doctor recommends a colonoscopy or endoscopy to determine the cause. The best neonatal or pediatric doctor in India can recommend the surgery after complete tests and consultation with the child. The most common surgery in pediatric cases is prenatal surgery, whereas other surgeries such as neonatal, trauma, and pediatric oncology list among the available procedures. These surgeries vary from adult surgeries as the psychological and physiological conditions are discreet. The pediatric hospitals in India are well-equipped to perform all pediatric surgeries under expert surgeons and pleasant environment. 

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is for children who need aesthetic enhancements or reconstruction. A few children are born with congenital disorders that can have grave outcomes on health and life quality. India provides extensive plastic surgery treatments for children with birth disorders, ear defects, chest or limb defects, aesthetic surgeries, injury scars, injuries on hands, arms, or face, and many more. The top pediatric plastic surgeons in India come up with the best plan to treat every child depending on the requirement and health condition. Pediatric plastic treatment in India can be therapies and hand surgeries according to the child’s condition. 

Plastic surgeries include cleft lip, cleft palate, hand surgery, microvascular surgery, aesthetic surgery, general surgery, craniofacial surgery, maxillofacial surgery, etc. The symptoms can be birth deformities or injuries. However, if the child experiences discomfort, pain, infection, excess bleeding, or scarring, that can be the signs to consult the doctor. In the case of birth disorders in children, regular appointments with pediatric doctors can be helpful, and the child may receive the best treatment plan and surgery.  

Pediatric Cardiology 

Pediatric cardiology specializes in heart ailments and conditions in infants and young children. Most of the affected cardiac cases are in infants who can have body structural defects. A few children may have severe heart problems, and some may not even show any signs of heart issues. The usual heart problems in children may be aortic valve stenosis, pulmonary artery stenosis, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, aortic coarctation, and endocarditis. The best pediatric cardiologist in India diagnoses the child or infant with the proper treatment plan that can help in restoring health. 

Some symptoms a child may face in cardiac problems are chest pain, low birth weight, feeding issues, and changed lip, skin, and finger color. A few children also have symptoms like fainting, frequent chest pain, and heart murmuring. If any child has signs of cardiac conditions, the child needs immediate medical attention and treatment. Cardiac problems can build a severe impact on adult age. So it is necessary to monitor the children in physical activities such as playing, running, breathing, etc. The hospitals in India are well equipped to treat all types of pediatric cardiac cases by medication, non-surgical or surgical means.   

Pediatric Neurology 

Neurological cases deal with disorders impacting the nervous system, such as peripheral nerves, spinal cord, muscles, and brain. Pediatric neurological treatment in India can be by both surgery and medications. The common disorders in children include epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular diseases, migraines, issues in mental growth, or developmental delay. The general paediatricians in India complete the diagnosis and refer them to a pediatric neurologist in India for treatment. Due to technological advancements, a wide range of treatments are available in pediatric hospitals in India. The treatments can be neurosurgery or therapies, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.     

The general symptoms of neurological treatment in India include genetic problems, headaches, seizures, learning disorders, and autism. The top pediatric doctors in India are excellent in understanding the complications the child is facing and helps to attain stability in neurological conditions and health. The hospitals in India are well equipped with the latest technology to help children to live their childhood. Paediatricians are watchful of children of all ages until they are adolescents by properly guiding and providing treatment and developing self-confidence.       

Pediatric Orthopaedic 

Orthopaedic paediatricians deal with the treatment of bones, joints, and ligaments in children from infancy to teenage. Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons in India are excellent at providing non-invasive therapies and surgeries for children. The issues children face include deformities of the spine and limbs, gait abnormalities, tumors, blown ribs, or infections in joints or bones. Pediatric orthopaedics in India diagnoses the problem and advise the suitable treatment plan depending on the child’s condition. The child’s treatment is according to the problem and the health status. The orthopaedic treatments available in India are clubfoot, hip dysplasia, Perthes syndrome, and many more.

The symptoms a child should visit a pediatric orthopedist can be inflammation, mobility problems, irregularity in growth, joint diseases, scoliosis, limb abnormalities, physical injuries, nerve issues, spinal problems, or foot and ankle treatments. In most orthopaedic cases, the problem needs immediate attention and surgery, while a few can be curable by therapies. Proper treatment is a must for children as it will have a massive impact on present and future quality of life and health. The hospitals in India are well equipped with the latest technology to provide the best orthopaedic treatment for pediatric cases. 

Pediatric Dentistry 

Dentistry primarily deals with the dental care and health of children from infancy to adolescence. Pediatric dentists are excellent at handling all cases of dental problems. They are specialists in dental care, research, and planning suitable dental therapies for unwell children. Pediatric doctors in India are capable of treating specially challenged children with specific needs. The children in this age group are susceptible to various oral issues such as cavities, tooth decay, cleft lip palate, dental erosion, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. The treatments for dentistry in the pediatric section include fluoride, sealants, extractions, steel crowns(stainless), and space maintainers. 

There are no specific symptoms for dental appointments, but the children must visit a doctor in six of the first tooth appears. If the child has any dental problem, the pediatric dentist will take proper care and provide the necessary treatment for the dental issue. After the treatment, the best pediatric dentist in India will guide the parents and child on proper care, hygiene, and health for oral problems.  

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