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United Arab Emirates TO INDIA

  1. Consultation with a Medical Professional:Seek medical advice and consultation from a recognized medical professional in the UAE.
    Obtain a medical report with details of the diagnosis and recommended treatment in India.

  2. Choose a Hospital in India:Select a hospital or healthcare facility in India that specializes in the required treatment.
    Obtain an invitation or confirmation from the chosen hospital specifying the treatment plan and duration of stay.

  3. Apply for a Medical Visa:Visit the official website of the Indian Embassy/Consulate in the UAE to check the latest visa requirements and download the visa application form.
    Fill out the application form with accurate details.

    Submit the completed application form along with the required documents, which may include:Passport with a minimum validity of six months.
    Passport-size photographs.
    Copy of the medical prescription.
    Letter of invitation from the Indian hospital.
    Proof of financial means to cover the medical expenses.
    Proof of residential address in the UAE.
    Travel itinerary and hotel booking details.
    Any other documents specified by the embassy/consulate.

  4. Application Submission:Submit the application and supporting documents to the Indian Embassy/Consulate in the UAE.
    Pay the visa fee as per the embassy/consulate guidelines.

  5. Medical Visa Processing:The processing time for a medical visa can vary. Check with the embassy/consulate for the expected processing duration.

  6. Visa Approval and Collection:Once the visa is approved, collect the visa from the embassy/consulate.
    Verify all details on the visa, including the entry and exit dates.

  7. Travel to India:Make travel arrangements to India.
    Inform the hospital about your arrival details.

  8. Registration with FRRO (if required):Certain medical visa holders may need to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India. Check the visa guidelines for information on whether this step is necessary.

  9. Medical Treatment:Undergo the medical treatment as planned with the chosen healthcare facility.

Remember to verify the latest information from the official sources, and consider consulting with the Indian Embassy/Consulate and the chosen hospital for any recent changes in the process.

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