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Dr N Vishnu Swaroop Reddy

E.N..T.and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. N Vishnu Swaroop Reddy is the Clinical Director, Head of the Dept & Chief Consultant Otolaryngologist, and Facial Plastic Surgeon at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad, India. With more than 30 years of medical expertise, Dr. N Vishnu Swaroop Reddy is the best ENT Doctor in Hyderabad. His field expertise has treated more than thousands of patients across India and abroad.

He is an appointed honorary Physician to the Hon’ble Vice President of India. Dr. N Vishnu is the founder and Executive Chairman of FRCSI (Facial Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery India) for 5 years, and he is an associate member of IFFPSS. (International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies). His finest skills are well-appreciated all around the world.

Dr N Vishnu Swaroop Reddy
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